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Valves and Accessories

The material has to be right. From our exclusively reputable manufacturers, we know that what counts for you, above all, is durability and functional reliability that lasts for decades.


We focus on pipes using the latest manufacturing technologies. Our range of products includes more and more innovations and custom solutions.


Efficient solutions are a key position for the future. We are prepared for the demands of the supply and waste management industry in good time.

Connections and repair techniques

The maturity of competent partners shows itself in the implementation of quality and economic efficiency. That is the standard we measure ourselves by – which keeps things dynamic.

Pipeline accessories

Are you looking for a specific pipe fitting? You will be impressed by the range of standard and customized products that we supply.


We deal with solutions that are practical and cost-efficient – and that future generations will not have to pay dearly for.


The way we understand sustainability, economic and ecological responsibility go hand in hand in order to ensure a positive contribution to the future.